We develop custom e-commerce solutions that fit your busines - the right look, product presentation and processes for your particular business. We understand the web, security, software and have deep, real-life business experience

Our solutions are built on secure, well supported platforms - either Magento or WordPress, depending on your particular needs. We also provide solutions that integrate platforms for businesses that need both a feature rich e-commerce engine and a strong publishing engine designed for rapidly changing content.

Combine this with a managed hosting option for a complete care, turnkey solution. You focus on your business, we'll make sure your web systems are always up-to-date, secure and reliable.


Web Development

Web sites are a business necessity. It is one of the most cost effective vehicles to promote your business - everything from retail to real estate, to rentals, to manfacturing. Tell your story in a compelling way, keep it fresh, be found on the web, give your customers the information they need.

We design and develop sites from concept to completion; provide special functionality for existing sites; remodel and migrate sites to up-to-date web platforms; perform problem free transitions for sites that have outgrown their hosting solutions; help high volume sites deal with issues such as content distribution, security and site management.

We specialize in development on Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento platforms.


Managed Hosting

Launching your site is just the beginning. Keeping it up-to-date, secure and reliable are on-going activities. At the very least you will want to know that your hosting service arrangement is up-to-date (no outages), that your domain name registration is up-to-date (hate to lose that domain name now that you've built up it's value) and that the platform your site is based on has all of the latest security updates. This is important for all businesses and critical for e-commerce.

Clear Sky offers managed hosting on dedicated Liquidweb servers. We have chosen Liquidweb as the provider of choice as over the years they have been highly reliable, always on top of the technology with support second to none.

We only provide managed hosting on dedicated servers for sites we have developed or reviewed, brought up to date, and currently manage. Our value added for you is our knowledge of your site, your business, our rapport with the hosting provider and the experience and systems to assure all of the things critical to your properly functioning site are looked after.

Now, your business can have IT support regardless of size!